Tecindo: A Tengwar Transliterator

This script will transliterate written Quenya from the Roman alphabet into tengwar -- please note that this script does not transliterate English into tengwar! Also, the output requires that you have version 1.9d of Dan Smith's Tengwar font, "Tengwar Quenya", installed on your system. Otherwise, the output will look like gibberish.

To use the script, just enter your word or phrase in the text box, then press "Encanta tengwainen" ("Re-shape [it] using tengwar") to see your transliteration. (A sample phrase is already there for you.)

For those who don't speak any Quenya, I have a demo version that fills in some Quenya phrases for you. It requires JavaScript.

Enter Quenya text here:

Output Style Options:
Display punctuation using English characters (default: tengwar punctuation, which doesn't display properly on MSIE)
Make punctuation characters in red
Make diacriticals (tehtar, doublers, etc.) in red, too
Use silme with under-tilde for doubled S (default is to use are, aka esse)
Use halla for initial H (default uses hyarmen)

When printing long vowels:


You can use any of three methods for indicating accents (long vowels):

  1. Doubled Vowels: For yéni únótimë, write yeeni uunootime.
  2. Following Marks: For yéni únótimë, write ye'ni u'no'time".
  3. High-ASCII Characters: If you can enter them in your Web browser, the script should understand them. So for yéni únótimë, you can write yéni únótimë.

However, you may not mix the different methods. The script will assume that the first style it finds holds true for the entire text sample.

Note that diereses (thë twö döts) are unnecessary, and can be left off in all cases.

This script will understand both old-style "Qenya" spellings (such as Qenya and Kalakirya) and LotR-style "Quenya" spellings (Quenya and Calacirya). You can even mix the two together with no ill effects.

The requirement for Dan Smith's font is annoying, I know -- that font may not even work on non-Windows systems. I'm working on a version that will create a GIF, PNG, or other graphic file for better platform-independence. Expect it by the end of June, 2002.

Tecindo was written in Perl by Kai MacTane. Feel free to contact him with: bug reports; suggestions for new features; preferences on default options; and other mail relating to tecindo.